Our Companies

Product companies within niche markets

Eitrium's companies are characterized by stable profitability, a sustainable business model and strong market position.
Ab Keymet Oy is a metal company specialized in the electronics and aerospace industries, where the company manufactures smaller series of, among other things, niche plates, frames, panels and spectrometer boxes.
Ilmeg is one of the few manufacturers in the world of dust collectors. The Nyköping-based company was founded in 1971 and has with great success developed into a market-leading company with its niche product.
Mora Contract Manufacturing AB is a manufacturer of metal components for telecommunication masts based in Mora and also manufactures its own products such as ice scrapers, grooves and roof mounts.
Polyfix is ​​a manufacturer of plastic, aluminum and rope-based components for playground constructions with all its production in the factory in Söderköping.
Werinova is a Swedish subcontractor of plastic products. Werinova offers services in design, construction, injection molding and finishing, where injection molding is the core business.