For entrepreneurs

Established companies.
New tools.

Eitrium is a group that provides entrepreneurs with the resources required to run and develop their business in an increasingly digital world. Our decentralized business model ensures the entrepreneur's freedom to run the business according to their vision.

To be a part of Eitrium

With Eitrium as owner, companies are incorporated into our extensive ecosystem with access to expertise and experience from countless other likeminded entrepreneurs from various industries. We believe in the potential of combining our shared passion and entrepreneurial experience to build a group of companies that make full use of the opportunities of digitalisation.

With the stability and financial resources made possible by a diversified group combined with the local knowledge that individual entrepreneurs possess, we can achieve greater success than would be possible on our own.

What we look for

Eitrium acquires profitable small and medium-sized product companies in stable niche markets, whose unique qualities provide a competitive position in their market. We value these characteristics in companies: