Entrepreneurship & Longevity

Eitrium operates stable industry companies with a long-term perspective, where our ecosystem of entrepreneurs creates the right conditions for our operating units to continue to develop and adapt for the future. With our decentralized business model, we combine the local knowledge that individual entrepreneurs possess with the advantages made possible by being part of a larger group in order to refine and further develop well-run companies.

“Together we create value beyond our individual abilities.”

- Johan Sjölander, CEO at Eitrium

What our company executives think

“With Eitrium as the new long-term owner, we can ensure that we take advantage of all our opportunities and thereby further strengthen our position.”

- Magnus Eriksson, Ilmeg Products

“The reason we chose Eitrium is their autonomous business model and that they invest with a long-term perspective. Eitrium's business model and values ​​go hand in hand with Keymet's.”

- Janne Vähäkangas, Keymet

What we look for

Eitrium invests in profitable small and medium-sized industrial companies in stable niche markets, whose unique qualities provide a competitive position in their market. We value these characteristics in companies:

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