We equip companies of today for the challenges of tomorrow

Eitrium makes a difference. Our vision is to be a diversified group of companies where each company's expertise is the foundation for our common goals and future development. Together, we use the tools of the digital era to find new opportunities and ways of working that benefit our customers, partners and society.


Entrepreneurship and longevity

Our mission is to strengthen niche and profitable SMEs. Our business model is based on stability and longevity. Eitrium as an owner supports entrepreneurs with capital, expertise and business development in digital segments.

We acquire and manage stable and profitable product companies with a long-term perspective. Our ecosystem of entrepreneurs creates the right conditions for your company to develop and adapt for the future. With our decentralized business model, we combine specialized know-how with new digital tools to refine and renew companies.


John Eriksson

Investment Manager

Aram Jimal

Investment Analyst

Emre Kaplaner

Investment Analyst

Eelis Pankolainen

Investment Analyst

Zacharias Veiksaar

Investment Analyst

Saeid Esmaeilzadeh

Scientist and serial entrepreneur who has created and built tens of companies that today employ more than two thousand people and deliver goods and services to eighty countries. Became Sweden's youngest associate professor in 2002, and his research in inorganic chemistry led to the start of the first company, Diamorph. Since then, he has started several companies, including Serendipity, Sdiptech, Spartacus Capital and Mirovia.

Mikael Borg

Partner at Gernandt & Danielsson Advokatbyrå. Mikael has more than 20 years of experience in broad transaction work, including M&A and capital market transactions, in a variety of industries. Mikael also has assignments as a board member in public and private companies and in addition, often works as a senior advisor to business leaders and management.

Susanne Najafi

Serial entrepreneur who founded several companies, including the contact lens company Clearlii. In 2016 she started the venture capital company, BackingMinds. In addition to the award Sweden's foremost serial entrepreneur by Dagens Industri, Susanne has been named Leader of the Year, Sweden's Top 40 under 40 and Business's Most Powerful Woman. Received the 2019 Pioneer of the Year award from His Royal Highness for her work to democratize venture capital.

Mouna Esmaeilzadeh

Doctor, neuroscientist, media profile and entrepreneur. Founder of SciLife Clinic. She has become known to the public as Dr Mouna on TV4 and in the tv-series Svenska Powerkvinnor on TV3.