Published 2022-02-23

Eitrium acquires Polyfix

Eitrium has acquired Polyfix AB, a Swedish manufacturer of components for playgrounds. The seller Ralf Burkhard has - via his company Vermavision AB - reinvested part of his purchase price in Eitrium and will continue in the role of CEO. 


Polyfix is ​​a manufacturer of plastic, aluminum and rope-based components for playground constructions with all its production in the factory in Söderköping. The company was founded in 1984 and is today a well-established company in its niche with around 250 active customers in both the private and public sectors in over 43 countries. In 2021, the company had sales of SEK 50 million and generated an EBITDA of SEK 19 million.


"We are very proud that we have finally reached the finish line. Polyfix is ​​an incredibly niche and well-run product company that has had fantastic historical development and stability. Their expertise in both product development and manufacturing is an excellent addition to Eitrium's expertise and contributes to a stable foundation for our growth in the manufacture of plastic and metal products. Ralf is very skilled as CEO and we are happy that he wants to continue to drive the company forward as part of Eitrium.” says Per Brugge, CEO of Eitrium. 


“As part of the Eitrium family, we can continue to run our business according to our own vision, while being a partner in Eitrium is particularly appealing. With support from Eitrium, we are aiming for new heights.” says Ralf Burkhard, CEO of Polyfix.  


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For questions, please contact:

Per Brugge, CEO of Eitrium,, 070-214 43 16

Ralf Burkhard, CEO of Polyfix,, 0121-24750


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Eitrium is a diversified nordic group that invests in established product companies in niche markets. Our vision is to create the safest port for small and medium-sized entrepreneurial companies with market-leading products.

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