Published 2021-12-21

Eitrium acquires the plastic injection molding company Werinova AB

Eitrium has acquired 100% of the shares in the plastic injection molding company Werinova AB. The sellers - Camilla and Jimmy Ågren have chosen to reinvest part of the purchase price in Eitrium via their company Selvaggio AB - and thus become partners in the company.


Werinova is a Swedish subcontractor of plastic products. The company was founded in 1983 in Bankeryd and has since 2001 had its headquarters and operations in Mullsjö. Werinova mainly offers services in design, construction, injection molding and finishing, where injection molding is the core business. Being environmentally friendly is an important part of the company's operations. Werinova actively tries to contribute to a more sustainable world through e.g. innovation, reuse of plastics, use of biomaterials and metal substitutes. The company had revenues of approximately 70 million SEK during 2020.


"I am very pleased to have acquired Werinova. The company is very well run, and the owner couple, together with the employees, have made a fantastic journey over the past five years. We are taking over a business in extremely good condition, and we intend to continue on the already established path. I am extra pleased that the owner couple Camilla and Jimmy have chosen to step in as co-owners of Eitrium, and that they will also continue to run the business in Werinova. " says Per Brugge, CEO of Eitrium.


“The reason why we chose Eitrium is that they have an autonomous business model where we, as acquired companies, are allowed to continue our business with retained culture. In addition, we believe in the potential of Eitrium,”, says Jimmy Ågren, CEO of Werinova.


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For questions, please contact:

Per Brugge, CEO of Eitrium,, 070-214 43 16

Jimmy Ågren, CEO of Werinova,, 072-644 32 22


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Eitrium is a diversified nordic group that invests in established product companies in niche markets. Our vision is to create the safest port for small and medium-sized entrepreneurial companies with market-leading products.

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